Reiki and Sound Treatment

As a Traditional Usui Reiki Master since 2003, I express a connection with our Universe’s infinite source of energy, love, and peace. Reiki generates great warmth from my hands while I reach a deep meditative state of being and become a vessel and channel for healing.

I have been providing and experiencing healing sessions numerous mystical and miraculous results for many. Reiki is complementary with Tuning Fork Sound energy work. All attuned Reiki practitioners encourage recipients to continue regular therapy and medical care as needed, energy work is not a replacement for regular care.

I always set my intention for the Highest Good of the Universe and let what is to be just be when Reiki flows through me. The healing can be physical, emotional, spiritual or any combination of the three. Both Reiki and Sound energy has been known to strengthen energy pathways to boost immunity, bring deep relaxation, and restore the body’s natural innate healing capabilities.

Reiki Treatment is offered for a 45 minute session or a 60 minute session. Tuning Fork sound work may be added to the session when requested. I have a healing room that is private and comfortable. We begin with a sage cleansing, followed by a choice of pure essential oils. Then the placement of cleansed natural crystals relating to each chakra is utilized as a tool to work along with the treatment.

Being sensitive to my intuitive abilities, I provide further assistance to align and heal after the 45 or 60 minute session is completed. For about 10-15 minutes after the session, I will review the symbols, images, and messages received. Quite often my clients also have their intuitive abilities awakened and have experiences to describe.

45-minute Reiki Treatment Session Plus Review $75

60-minute Reiki Treatment Session Plus Review $100

Please contact me to schedule your appointment.

Requests for treatment at another location such as home, hospital, or senior care facility, mileage fee will be added.