Created with real gemstones Apatite and Snow Quartz. Also added Czech Light Cerulean Beads and gold filled metal accents.

Apatite is known for stimulating ability for communication and problem solving. Snow Quartz is known for being calming, soothing, and brings clarity to thinking.

Also available matching gold filled earrings and bracelet.


Angels from Heaven
Oil Painting
36" X 36"

Inspired by a Reiki Retreat, this painting of angels flying in heaven dance together with great joy and connection with God.


Cutting Boards
12" X 18"

Made with quality maple wood butcher block, these hand carved and finished cutting boards are created to be usable and enjoyed. Food safe butcher block oil entirely preserves and protects each piece. One side is carved for gravy and the other side has original design with inlaid purple heart, mahogany, and/or black walnut wood.


Citrine Elegance

With a powerful natural Citrine faceted focal point, real Citrine gemstone chips with cream colored beads and gold filled accents complete the necklace. Matching bracelet and gold filled earrings also available.


Kitchen Island
35" X 52"

Upcycled oak log provided the tabletop and shelves which were cut with a chainsaw. Much time and skill went into the construction, sanding, and varnishing. Securely positioned on carved pine legs, this one of a kind piece will stand out in any room.


Healing Hands
Etched clayboard and ink.
8" X 10"
Design of Reiki hands on clayboard. Frame also has original art.

Glowing Island
35" X 48"

Sustainably salvaged oak carved into an amazing usable sculpture for the home. Lizards and leaves accent the pine legs and the oak top has a curved section that glows in the dark. The metal shelves were shaped and painted by hand.


10" X 19"

Original designed bowl handcrafted and carved without a lathe. Preserved with a food safe finish, may be used for display or for everyday use. Used upcycled birch.


Higher Consciousness
Oil Painting
24" X 36"

Because our world needs more peace, love, and cooperation with each other, this Reiki woman painting represents sending positive energy and raising the consciousness of all human beings to bring us all to a higher level of living.


Inspired Expression

Blue and opalite beads with a centerpiece of a stainless steel angel and Tibetan design bale. Has an easy magnetic clasp. Designed to symbolize angelic guidance for skilled communication. To speak and hear our truth.


Jade Peace

Natural gemstones snowflake obsidian, jade, tree agate, with stainless-steel accent beads.

Snowflake obsidian helps with seeing patterns in life and being able to make the changes needed for better living. It also is used for protection from negative energy. Jade has a strong reputation for a high level of consciousness, promoting balance and a sense of peace. Tree agate is also a stone for peace and calmness.

The combination of these stones can be used as a supportive tool for living with a higher vibration, confidence and inner contentment.


Ascending Angel
Oil Painting
16" X 20"

Being of Light Ascending into Heaven.


Coffee Table
36" X 25"

Handcrafted, hand-stained furniture for any room. Sustainably salvaged oak top. Pine leg support. Purple heart wood butterfly inserts prevent splits. Matching end tables are also available. The entire piece has been finished with polyurethane for protection and durability.